Time. Truth. Hearts.

There’s this joke going around tumblr that says something along the lines of; “I’m like Tinkerbell. If I don’t get attention, I’ll die.” 

And you know, for me, I saw that, and I thought how I’m like Tinkerbell, how a lot of us are like her, in that if we don’t have someone to believe in us, we’ll die. 

We need to surround ourselves with the sort of people who keep that life in us, who empower us to go onto better, greater things. That’s why the friends you keep are so important.  

  1. marvinanddougle said: Or, you know, you could be like Mulan and say ‘I dont fucking care what everyone else thinks or says, I’m going to believe in myself (and save my family and end up saving my country)’ =D
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